Why School? Part 8: The Most Important Reason

My Dear Students, 

There is another reason to go to school which I have intentionally saved for last because of its significance. The explanation is short because it is simple, but its simplicity does not make it any less profound.

We know that we are here on earth to serve and glorify our Maker and to walk with Him, and one of the ways that we can do these things is through learning.

God wants us to know truth. God is Truth, and all truth on earth is His. When we learn, we are actively participating in what is God’s.

God has made a beautiful and complex world and wants us to enjoy exploring it and learning about it. God wants us to know about the things He made. This is pleasing to Him. 

God wants us to learn more about Him by understanding creation. By learning about what God has made, we also learn about God. We learn about His attributes of order, beauty, and power, about His great wisdom, and about His goodness. We are in awe of His glory.

God wants us to do all our work for Him, not for ourselves, and not for any other people. This includes schoolwork. Even boring assignments take on significance when we know that we are doing them for a very great and loving Master. If, therefore, when we go to school, we seek truth, and seek the Truth, who is God, and if we do our school work for God, and if we seek to gain wisdom that will help us serve God–then, we will indeed have gone to school for a worthwhile purpose.

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