I am here for your curriculum and writing needs, 4th grade and up.

Each student’s needs are different, and I shape my instruction to meet those needs. I prioritize flexibility and adaptability, along with academic excellence.

In the past, I have worked with students with the following academic needs:

  • Additional help with college-level classes
  • Additional help with English/writing classes
  • Individualized creative or academic writing instruction
  • Individualized literature instruction
  • Additional help due to ASD
  • Feedback and guidance on college and graduate school applications

I have developed curriculum in the following areas for both workshops and classroom instruction:

  • Creative writing
  • Literature understanding and discussion
  • English grammar
  • Engaging learning activities

Contact me to discuss how I can help meet your needs.

In-Person or Online

I drive to most locations in the north Metro and as far south as Roseville to meet students. This range has allowed me to work in person with students from across the Twin Cities area.

I also offer online instruction and have been pleasantly surprised by the success of this format. It works especially well with individuals or small groups and fits busy schedules. That said, a screen can never replace reality, and I recommend in-person lessons when possible.


Rates are subject to change.

Current rates: $38/hour

Additional $20 round-trip travel fee for most locations