Edeo Academy is an online educational service offering tutoring and classes to students and adults.

As the instructor at Edeo, I am thrilled to help connect you with a service that fits your need. Are you interested in creative writing? Are you looking for extra help with your essays? Perhaps your student needs a tutor to help him or her stay on track with school work, or maybe you are an adult looking to improve your communication skills. I would be delighted to serve you!

–Mrs. Ellen Norris


Serving Students

Connect your students with an experienced English tutor who will guide and inspire them!

One-on-One Classes

For Students or Adults

Hone your writing and communication skills or increase your knowledge of how the English language works.

Parent Review

Helping parents help their students

Take a few online lessons so that you can be your student’s own tutor!

Homeschool Support

Work with an experienced teacher to select or develop your English and writing curriculum; register your student for online instruction.

COVID Education Support

Receive guidance on educational options, as well as accountability and supplemental instruction for your student.


With this unique service, you will have access to prompt email responses and essay feedback from a qualified tutor.

Services are all offered online by Mrs. Norris.

Why work with Mrs. Norris?

I have an excellent track record in working with students, gaining their respect, and helping them make great strides in their academics.

I value achievement but recognize that students need to be met where they are and guided kindly (though sometimes firmly) toward excellence.

I am flexible and offer affordable rates, convenient rescheduling, and at-home online sessions.

I am a thoughtful, kind, and creative person who will come alongside my students, recognize what they need academically, and propose creative solutions.

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