Philosophy of Education

I believe that education is ultimately about instructing students in what is good, true, and beautiful. A key goal of the educator should be to help his or her students to grow in wisdom and virtue. As a Christian who affirms the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds, I believe that learning is valuable for its own sake because God made us to know, and through learning truth, we serve God by learning about Him and His world. 

Though I believe, in line with the classical tradition, that subject matter does not need to be useful in order to be worth learning, I also believe that it is very valuable for students to learn skills that will be useful to them in daily life. I am passionate about helping students see the significance of what they are learning, whether that material is applicable to daily skills or more broadly to their growth as people.

As I mention in my bio, I value a balance between high standards and flexibility, hard work and rest, and accountability and generosity.

You do not need to be a Christian to work with me or to have your student work with me. I approach my tutoring and classes from a Christian perspective, but during sessions, I focus on the subject matter at hand and do not assume or require that my students share the same faith that I do. I value all my students and respect them whether or not their beliefs are the same as mine.