Review for Parents

Perhaps you have thought before that it would be a lot simpler and less expensive if you could be your own child’s tutor–but maybe don’t quite feel like you are up to the challenge. See if a few online sessions could help!


I’ve heard a lot of parents say “I’d help my student myself, but it’s been so long since I studied those things.” We can work together to brush up on your English and writing skills so that you do not need to hire a tutor for your student.

I promise you will not feel like a student. We will simply be working together to help you help your student.



We can discuss what questions to ask your student, what teachers will be looking for, how to help your student get started, and how to help your student revise and edit.


We can refresh your literary analysis and grammar skills, discuss what teachers look for, and develop strategies to help your student make it through a difficult unit or class.