Homeschool Support

Are you wondering how to teach your child how to write? Maybe you are you a math whiz but not sure how to lead a discussion on literature?

Are you looking for an excellent homeschool curriculum or trying to craft your own?

Let me help.


I am an experienced educator who is passionate about helping parents educate their own children at home. Together, we can develop a plan that meets your family’s needs. I would love to support your homeschooling efforts by doing any of the following:

  • instructing your student(s) in English literature and writing (See Individual or Small Group Classes.)
  • helping you research and select English and writing curricula
  • developing an English and writing curriculum for you to implement at home
  • helping you provide feedback on your students’ work.

Working Together

Curriculum Advice

Whether you are just beginning your search, debating between your final two choices, or somewhere in-between, I would be happy to help you with the process of finding the right English and writing material for your homeschool. I can help you find and compare curricula, evaluate your current materials, or even develop your own.

During my five years of classroom teaching, I developed curriculum daily. I started each year with a plan of the general trajectory of the material, but I inevitably made daily changes based upon the needs of the class.

Homeschooling is even more flexible. As your curriculum advisor, I can help you craft both the big picture and the daily details for your English and writing curriculum, whether that curriculum is a published program or my original work. We can meet as frequently or infrequently as you see fit, but working with an advisor who can help you adapt curriculum to your students’ needs will allow you to take full advantage of the flexibility and dynamism of home education.

I believe that creativity, structure, and a commitment to truth are the marks of outstanding curricula. Together, we can create a plan to engage and challenge your students.


Sometimes students benefit from outside instruction, even when they are learning at home. Such instruction takes some of the pressure off the parents, provides additional accountability, and helps students engage with a wider variety of perspectives and input.

If you are looking to add some outside instruction to your homeschool program, consider signing up for tutoring or an individual or small group class.