Individual or Small Group Classes

Provide needed challenge for your student. Supplement your homeschool curriculum. Refine your own writing.


I adjust curriculum to meet your student’s specific needs and provide individualized feedback along the way.

Classes may have up to three students as long as those students are present in the same location during each session so that they can all participate in video from the same account.

Classes are offered online. In-person classes may be available upon request.

Please be aware that these classes do not count for credit at academic institutions. Their purpose is solely to help students and adults learn and grow.

Classes Offered

Each class is different because each student is different. These are suggestions of topics that we could cover. Other classes may be available upon request.

Creative Writing

English Literature

General Writing Skills


Why Take a Class at Edeo Academy?

Reasons to Enroll Your Student

Perhaps your student is bored in school, and you are searching for some additional challenging material. Here is the perfect fit; classes are tailored to individual students in both difficulty and workload, and the one-on-one setup allows your student to receive individual guidance and inspiration.

Perhaps you are a homeschool parent, and co-op hasn’t quite worked out the way you want, or the class you want for your student isn’t offered. Together, we can plan a class that is right for your student.

Summer classes are also offered. Keep your student’s mind engaged over the long break.

Reasons to Enroll Yourself

Writing instruction is not just for kids!

Perhaps you have loved writing your whole life, but have never had the accountability or time to follow through on a project. Now could be the time. I will help you refine your skills and stay on track.

Perhaps writing has been a bit of a struggle sometimes, but you want to improve your skills--perhaps for your job or for other goals you have. I’d love to help.