I come alongside students and provide assistance, encouragement, and structure. My goal is to inspire students to achieve their best. Ultimately, I help students more than just in the moment: I help them learn how to learn and how to work through challenges on their own.


The purpose of tutoring is to help with school work, but not to do work for the student. Some of the ways that I can help your student include the following:

  • Giving guidance on difficult assignments
  • Helping students study for tests
  • Reinforcing concepts learned in school
  • Providing accountability during homework time
  • Helping establish good study habits
  • Helping break projects into smaller steps
  • Providing encouragement and inspiration

Because tutoring takes place online, there are a few technology requirements. In-person tutoring may be available upon request.

Tutoring focuses on helping students with work they have already been assigned but does not provide additional curriculum or written feedback from me. For individualized lessons and assignments as well as feedback on those assignments, consider taking an individual or small group class.



Writing can be tough. It can be overwhelming to know how to start, and sometimes our ideas seem just more jumbled up the more we try. I consider it a privilege to work through these challenges with your student.


I can help your student with English literature, grammar, usage, and punctuation.

I will guide your student through the difficult language, plots, and themes of middle and high school literature.

I love grammar and will teach your student to understand how the English language works so that your student can recognize not only what constitutes a grammatical mistake, but also why it is a mistake. I have watched many students learn to delight in grammar once I have explained it clearly.

Usage and mechanics are also a key part of my expertise and tutoring.