Meet Mrs. Norris

Ellen Norris

Tutor and Instructor

B.A., English, Hillsdale College, 2014

Classroom English Teacher – 5 years

Substitute Teacher – 1 year

English and Writing Tutor – since 2019

Teaching Background

I became a teacher long before I ever entered the profession. Even in elementary school, I would explain math to my friends; in high school, I started a volunteer student tutoring program. In college, I co-founded and co-led an intellectual discussion group with friends and wrote my senior thesis on teaching The Great Gatsby. Right out of college, I became a teacher and knew that I loved it when, after battling mono for a large portion of my first year, I still couldn’t wait to return the following year.

It would be my delight to serve you. My experience as a classroom educator has shown me time and again that sometimes classroom instruction simply is not sufficient. Even the best teachers cannot individualize instruction to help every student at all times.

I am passionate about meeting students where they are academically and helping them achieve more, learn more, and ultimately grow more in wisdom and virtue.

My nearly seven years of experience working in education have prepared me to serve students. Having been a classroom teacher, I understand what teachers are looking for and how to work with them; having been a tutor–and obviously at one point, a student myself–I also understand many of the challenges that students face. I value a balance between high standards and flexibility, hard work and rest, and accountability and generosity. I would love to work with you or your student!

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About Mrs. Norris

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with my husband, Richard. I love talking with people, playing games, writing, organizing events, and singing. I played French horn from fifth grade through college and occasionally with the bands at the schools where I taught. I’d love to pick it back up sometime!

I am grateful to my dad for many excellent conversations about history, human nature, and wisdom. To my mom I owe my initial love for English and composition, and she continues to help me edit and improve my writing. I am likewise indebted to my amazing sister for all her help with this website.

My husband and I love fishing in northern Minnesota. He catches the cool fish (walleye and bass) while I’m reeling in my seventh three-inch bluegill of the day. That’s not entirely true. I’ve caught a few northern and some other decent fish, but nothing that would be big enough to mount on your wall (unless, of course, it’d been sized up by years of fishing tales!).

Despite my general inclination toward healthy food, I do love pizza and ice cream. I like a good challenge, and I pray for wisdom and mercy daily.