COVID Education Support

COVID-19 has made the difficult task of educating our children significantly more difficult. The drama of last spring’s online schooling is fading into the uncertainty of the fall: Will school meet for two weeks and shut down again? Is hybrid education worth the confusion?

Times like these call for creative solutions. Let me serve you as we navigate education in these virus-troubled days.


Having taught middle and high school students in the classroom for five years, I know the struggles that come with education–and how much those struggles are exacerbated in the time of COVID-19 by uncertainty, lack of accountability, needless bureaucracy, poor communication, and the limits of online instruction.

If you are looking for someone to help your student stay on track with online school, help you notice and supplement educational gaps created by online school, provide guidance on selecting an educational option to fit your students’ needs, or instruct your student in English and writing, I would love to help.

Overcoming Challenges

Selecting the Best Educational Option

Weighing the pros and cons of many school options–especially when no option seems great–is stressful and difficult. An experienced educator, I would love to partner with you as you think through this decision. As your educational consultant, I will help you investigate and compare educational choices. I can also be on call to help you address concerns and questions throughout the year.

Staying on Track

One of the greatest drawbacks to online schooling is the lack of accountability. I can take a burden off of you by keeping your student accountable to assignment completion. Through daily or weekly online sessions, I can address your student’s individual needs, such as identifying and listing assignments, identifying questions and communicating with teachers, planning time for the day or week, checking in on previous assignments, beginning assignments, and discussing important ideas in the curriculum.


If you discover that your student is not receiving the quality of instruction that you would like in the areas of English, grammar, or writing, I can provide supplementary curriculum at your child’s own level and pace. See One-on-One Classes for more details.